Introducing Walt

So I use markdown for lots of things, including this blog, but more and more I have been using it for taking notes during meetings. I use the rather excellent Mou on my Mac and various apps on the iPad/iPhone dependant on where I want to sync the files, which presents me with two problems. The first is that I can't find anything on iOS quite as good as Mou, particularly something that shows your markdown rendered as you write it. Secondly, where do all of these files go? I could sync them manually with a Dropbox folder via several apps, but that is hassle.

Here comes Walt!

So I decided to create a little Javascript app named Walt (after Breaking Bads Heisenberg!) that would recreate the editing facilities I love in Mou and sits on top of a Dropbox folder (and will eventually organise it).

First screen is Walt, second is Mou

Check it out here, but remember this is a very early release! You might have to keep hitting the login button before it starts working!

Let me know what you think!


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