The Rise Of The Seven Inch

IDC Forecasts Worldwide Tablet Shipments to Surpass Portable PC Shipments in 2013, Total PC Shipments in 2015

-- IDC press release (May 2013)

Find Meteor User From Email

From Coderwall protip

Comic Board no. 1!

Although programming pretty much rules my life I also try to squeeze in as much comic reading as I possibly can around the gaps, and after being inspired by Moss's "Game Board" in The IT Crowd, I thought I should do a little roundup of my current reading.

Determining Image Contrast

Imagine the following horror scenario. You are creating a CMS in Rails, and for a certain page type you want to be able to have a heading area that has a user uploaded image as the background, and some text over the top of this image. You have no idea whether the user is going to upload an image that is completely white, or an image that is completely black, or something in between. So what colour do you make the text...

Quick Shout For Okido

Shout out for Okido!

My So Called Life

The life of a programmer - Part 1

Bower and Rails friends forever

Bower is an uber-trendy package manager supplying a huge range of Javascript and CSS frameworks and plugins, which runs via Node. I find it really useful when prototyping because I can just burn through any number of things until I find exactly what I am looking for, and recently I thought "How could I use that with the Rails pipeline". Thankfully the answer is quite simple, but, as with most things, there are levels of integration, starting with the simple (but less efficient), going to more complicated, I will cover my preferred method.

One Man, Many Blogs

How do I end up with so many blogs?