Good Evening

So over the Christmas break I have spent a large amount of my time fiddling with the Codea app on my iPad. Essentially, it is an IDE for writing and compiling Lua script, but it runs natively and compiles natively on the iPad! Anyway, my brain instantly wanted to use it to make a complete iPad game experience. Coded on the iPad, for the iPad with graphics drawn on the iPad and music created on the iPad... Obvs.

Sea Men - Men of the Sea

I have had literally millions of ideas for games in my lifetime, but one that always stuck was to mash a roguelike with a Final Fantasy style turn based battle RPG and host the whole party on the seven seas. After finally realising that my biggest problem was graphically I decided to try and strip it back to just ASCII art, and actually it has come together pretty neatly. Not yet ready for a public beta, but there will without a doubt be one soon, so in the meantime get over to the official Sea Men site and check out the development blog.

The New Frontier

I recently fell off the face of the Earth for a while having something called a 'child' so apologies for the lack of update, but fret not. I have plenty to fill you in on!

Introducing Hyde

Hyde is a brazen two-column Jekyll theme that pairs a prominent sidebar with uncomplicated content. It's based on Poole, the Jekyll butler.

Live From The Bunker

Sorting ones development team out can be a real pain in the bum! Massively exciting, but as we are taking on even more developers I have spent the last few weeks freaking out that we don't have the right environments/documentation/tools/api's sorted (you can pretty much pick one of those randomly and hear me moan about it at least once a day). So after a lot of reading, setting up, breaking, re-setting up and realising that I could of done it much easier, I have decided to dump everything I have set up here for all the world to see. Just to set the scene, we are a team of 3 full time devs, 4 contractors, and I sit in the middle. Of the team we have 4 working platform (Rails) and 3 working across our content projects (Flash/HTML/XML).

Introducing Walt

So I use markdown for lots of things, including this blog, but more and more I have been using it for taking notes during meetings. I use the rather excellent Mou on my Mac and various apps on the iPad/iPhone dependant on where I want to sync the files, which presents me with two problems. The first is that I can't find anything on iOS quite as good as Mou, particularly something that shows your markdown rendered as you write it. Secondly, where do all of these files go? I could sync them manually with a Dropbox folder via several apps, but that is hassle.

Wake Up Buddy

I am not entirely sure that this goes for all programmers but the ones that I know of are all obsessed with videogames. Interestingly not all of them have the desire to create their own videogames, whether it be through failed prior attempts or just a lack of creativity in that particular area. Something I have also come to realise is that their tastes in videogames tends to be quite similar. There is always a mix of old and new, tending towards the RPG, with a heavy interest in good story and technical trickery which is relative to the platform. So lets start with fivesix of my favourite games (in no particular order):

My Affair With Node

I feel like I have done something dreadful...

This Friday my team and I decided to take a couple of hours to rapidly prototype something, anything, in what we call 'Fun time Friday'. In the past this has lead to us quickly coming up with an idea (usually people will have them in the week) and then we each take responsibility for a certain bit, and start either designing or implementing that part.