Flibble Version 0.2 - The Plan

So I am well on the way to having something ready for Flibble v0.2 and thought I would have a quick plan out of what I wanted to get in there. Remember at any point you can head over to the Trello board which I am staying pretty close to as things progress.



I have already blogged about my fun with shaders, but I think this is going to be a really significant improvement. As well as having shaders in there, I also wanted to ensure that other low level effects could be achieved quite easily on FlbCameras and FlbObjects in general. This is still formulating into it's precise mechanism but I really want to recreate Flixels excellent shake, flash (which is already in Flibble v0.1) as well as simple methods to fade cameras so expect something to that end.

Overlaps and Collision

With v0.1 I was already leveraging the Codea physics library, but I wanted to go further to make it more like Flixels generic overlap and collide functions. The short story is that overlap is easily possible but collide is more difficult as the physics API is super simple. It may be that we rely completely on the internal physics and come back later to make something more suited to the collide function. Either way I have added some draw/update culling and physical entities will be put to sleep if they fall out of camera shot for the camera's that they are attached to. This has so yielded very good speed improvement allowing an almost infinite amount of objects (provided no more than 150 are on screen at the same time) :gun:.

Extensible Buttons

The FlbButton was super basic with v0.1 and to be honest I don't want to do a massive amount to it, but I think if it were stylable it would be infinitely more useful. I am thinking just background color, stroke color (and weight) and text style for both the button upstate and downstate and that will be enough. I may also go as far as having something to accept a mesh or texture for both states so that you retain the functionality with ultimate control.

Emitters and Particles

This would also have to include sized FlbGroups (currently they are infinite) and body rotation. In Flixel you can make super easy effects using emitters and particles to spray stuff all over the place (both as visual and physical entities), and I would quite like to try and get just something basic in place for v0.2. This is currently the most droppable feature in the next release, but it will need to be ready soon as I am working on a game that could really benefit from it :watch:!

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