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Mr Flibbles isn't very happy...

Having played around with the mighty Codea for a long while now (at least 22 days) I felt ready to come up with a real project. Originally, my idea was to create a fully fledged iOS game with everything created, art, audio and soundtrack on the device. I started getting the basics of the game running, and couldn't help but feel it could have been easier to jump right into 2D game dev. SO... I am happy to present Flibble. A Codea 2D game engine which is heavily influenced by the fantastic Flixel, which I have used to create games in AS3 in the past. :+1:

For now I am just going to share a link to the AutoGist and give you a quick idea about 'the flow'. It all starts with your Main file:

function setup()
    game = FlbGame(GameState, 1)
    parameter.boolean("Debug", false, function(d) FlbG.debug = d end)
    parameter.boolean("Bounding Boxes", false, function(d) FlbG.showbounding = d end)
    parameter.number("Zoom", 0.3, 4, 1, function(n) FlbG.camera.zoom = n end)

function draw()

This is all you need in there, the only other thing you will need is a class called 'GameState' that extends the FlbState class, and this is your entry point to the game:

MenuState = class(FlbState)

function MenuState:init()
    self:add(FlbText(-100, HEIGHT/2, 200, "HELLO WORLD"))

From here it all gets rather technical, but read the great documentation that is included (this also needs work), and please give me lots of feedback. You can also track the development over on the Trello board, which you can also subscribe to and request things through.

Good luck!

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