Change of Direction...

So after an endless amount of headbanging and trying to get to grips with what I should devote some real time to I finally decided on creating a 2D game library in Lua and speifically Codea. I had previously been completely smitten with the mighty Flixel, which was an Actionscript (Flash) library for 2D game making, so I thought I would start there. As it stands right now I am just finishing off some final bits before I feel happy with anyone else seeing it, but it is mighty close. Once ready I will get it up as a public Gist that you can all start using, and will start doing some documentation as a page on this blog. I will also start doing a series of posts detailling what is where and why, as there have been a lot of choices to make down the road which I could do with bouncing off of people. From there I will continue building up, hopefully with some sort of community help (I am going to get it up on the Codea forums) so keep your eye out.

My plan is to have v0.1 ready for next week, with all of the core classes from Flixel recreated (only constructors and essential functionality in this release).

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