Emitters Emission!

It felt like this would never make it!

Flibble Version 0.2 - The Plan

So I am well on the way to having something ready for Flibble v0.2 and thought I would have a quick plan out of what I wanted to get in there. Remember at any point you can head over to the Trello board which I am staying pretty close to as things progress.

Dirty Shader Bulls$%t B$£@a£ds

So I have been finding more and more that I want to do some low level shaders to really kick in some amazing effects on FlbSprites in Flibble, and generally do radical graphical display stuff. Now, I am not a shader King, nor even a Prince or Pauper, I am basically a shader gobshite and that has meant a lot of learning...

Self Presents.

Grim Fandango

Hello Flibble


Mr Flibbles isn't very happy...

Change of Direction...

So after an endless amount of headbanging and trying to get to grips with what I should devote some real time to I finally decided on creating a 2D game library in Lua and speifically Codea. I had previously been completely smitten with the mighty Flixel, which was an Actionscript (Flash) library for 2D game making, so I thought I would start there. As it stands right now I am just finishing off some final bits before I feel happy with anyone else seeing it, but it is mighty close. Once ready I will get it up as a public Gist that you can all start using, and will start doing some documentation as a page on this blog. I will also start doing a series of posts detailling what is where and why, as there have been a lot of choices to make down the road which I could do with bouncing off of people. From there I will continue building up, hopefully with some sort of community help (I am going to get it up on the Codea forums) so keep your eye out.

Experiment 1

So today let's start with Lua and see what is possible using Codea and it's various libraries. The project will end up with a little square "floating" in a body of "water", you should be able to flick around, and I want to work out how to get the viewport to follow the square...

The Toolbox for Fools

Should you be crazy to think that this is an idea you want to do yourself, then you are going to need the tools. This is a bit of a work in progress but basically boils down to several key areas, some of these are more solid than others!